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I really need to check my mailbox more.

I found out yesterday I missed an interview opportunity with the postal service because I forgot to check my mail.

So I had to break that to my mother who has this almost uncanny ability to make a person feel like shit when I was already kicking myself. On a work day no less.

Yeah thanks loads for reminding me I’m an idiot, ma. That’s just what I needed before I had to leave to go to a crap job

Thanks a whole fucking bunch.



Hey guys. As you may know, a lot of stuff has happened to us in the past months, leaving Steve and I with health issues, no income, and a baby due in 8 weeks. We have next to nothing for this baby, and it’s really coming to crunch time. We have no clothes, or anything so see on this list. If you would like to send me something, feel free to use my Amazon wish list here:

It’s all baby stuff except the bed thing. Our new bed is rock hard and it is killing Steve’s back as well as my already sore pregnant one. Ignore the movies, those aren’t necessities like the rest and were added a few months ago.

If you have questions or want to send something not from Amazon, feel free to contact me in a private message here, on my deviantART account InsaneRoman, or via email at If I take a bit to respond it’s because I lack internet access. I may have my best friend check it for me now and then.

Signal boosts are appreciated! Just a 21 year old homeless artist with a baby due June 14th. If anyone wants to help, I’ll take it.



I could really use a signal boost guys! I’m going to meet my friend for the very first time some time in the next 4 weeks! I have no money on me to spend, and I’m going to help my friend out a little. She’s pregnant and has very little money to purchase food and clothing for herself, let alone the baby (which is due in a month). Everything I make goes to bills, and I don’t make enough to where I have extra money lying around. This is short notice but it’s the only chance I have to go! I’m really hoping I’ll earn a good bit from this auction, but if not I’ll do what I can to do more of these.

If you have a Furaffinity account and you’d like to bid on this, I encourage you to head that way —>

★Lion Auction★

PLEASE read the following before placing your bid:

★ Starting bid: $90Minimum increment of $5

★ Autobuy: $145

★ Paypal only

★ Auction ends April 30 @ 12 PM EST

★ Winner will have the original piece shipped to them!

★ If bid reaches $200, I will do a custom TRADITIONAL ACEO free of charge!

★ If bid reaches $225, I will do 2 custom TRADITIONAL ACEOs free of charge! 

★ If, by chance, bid reaches $275, I will do 3 custom traditional ACEOs free of charge! No more. :P


If you bid enough to receive a custom ACEO, please allow time for the ACEOs to be completed.

★ Original will not be sent until payment is received! Please allow at least 4 days for me to ship the piece. That’s how long it takes for the money to transfer, not to mention I have to pay for shipping! XD

Signal boost this, please! The pregnant homeless friend is me. XD All I want as a baby shower gift is to be able to see my best friend.

Signal boost. Good luck hon.


Video Link:

Garlic Mustard, as an invasive species in North America, is pure dark nasty evil.

Let me tell you why it is so evil:
- It chokes out nearly ALL native species— including baby trees— before they can even get a start in the spring.
- It bolts quickly and each plant pratically explodes with thousands of seeds.
- The seeds stay viable in the soil for at least 5 years.
- If you mow, cut, weed-wack, or otherwise harm the plant that does not remove the entire root, the little shit comes right back, but shorter this time, so that it’s even harder to get, and nearly impossible to mow.
- It further changes the soil chemically and biologically in such a way that hinders or kills the root systems of many native species. (nerdtalk: it actually kills the mycelium which are vital to healthy symbiotic root systems of most of our plants and trees)
- Nothing native eats garlic mustard. Even deer don’t eat it. This actually makes things worse, because by choking out native species, the garlic mustard reduces the natural browse that deer and other animals depend on, and actually further compounds over-browsing by deer and other animals.
- In addition to it killing our amazing native plants, studies have shown that at least one native animal species is getting wiped out by this stuff. The Virginia White Butterfly, which is an endangered species.
- You can’t safely even compost Garlic Mustard.

THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO PULL PLANTS THAT WILL GO TO SEED THIS YEAR. They are just popping out of the earth here in the Northeast. The plants that are growing the round leaves, right now, will seed this year. TELL THEM NO

Please help!! If you like to hike, pop a bag in your pocket and if you see just one or two plants, pull them by the root and put them in your bag. (please don’t trespass, and respect private landowners, though!)
If you see a LOT of it, make note of the location and contact your local land owners or forest department and ask if they are managing it. If not, it’s up to you— but if you put together a group pull you’re my hero. <3

If you have this nonsense growing on your property, make a game plan and ruin it’s day!! This stuff is genuinely wrecking our beautiful native forests!!

Well, if this thing’s going to be invasive, let’s give it a use and people more incentive to pick it besides being a good neighbor.

You might not be able to compost it safely, but there is good news. This stuff is edible.  Not to mention Wild Woods Survival’s site has pictures of the older more mature plants for ID purposes. As it mentioned above, try to get it root and all though.

Happy Easter

Working Easter brunch. Super busy. Cuz tables got needs.

I gots needs too.

I need about six arms. And super speed.

Basically I need to be the flash crossed with Shiva the destroyer.

Y’know… just without the destroyer part.



don’t be an asshole

friendly reminder that this also applies to most fanartists out there too.

part of a project I&#8217;m doing for someone special &lt;3
Because Dissidia gives way to some interesting and lovely things

part of a project I’m doing for someone special <3


Because Dissidia gives way to some interesting and lovely things


all 46 excuses on my friends wall, 

1. i was just really, really early for tomorrow

2. we can’t all be usain bolt

3. in this day and age, we shouldn’t need labels like “late”

4. i had pe first period do you blame me

5. i really, really didn’t want to sing

6. my brother thought it would be hilarious to drop me outside the prison gates

7. you can’t tell me how to live my life

8. #YOLO

9. my legs fell off and i had to roll all the way to the emergency clinic

10. there was a freak yachting accident

11. i am a fucking retard

12. this is just for my wall

13. do you even read these

14. “it does not matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop

15. i spent my entire night writing tom daley fanfiction

16. my father left my mother for an air hostess seven years ago do you expect me to get over that emotional trauma overnight

17. sarah palin and i got into a twitter war and i couldn’t leave and let her win

18. traffic jammy jammy jam

19. how can i go to school when alex turner

20. my sim was having an emotional meltdown and i needed to be there for her

21. i was sticking it to the man

22. i spent my entire night worrying if i would ever lose my virginity 

23. fifty shades of late; i was walking and then i caught the eye of an attractive member of the opposite sex and we began exchanging significant looks and i knew we would one day make sweet love so i just walked alongside him and tried to catch his eye and to be continued

24. part two he was playing hard to get so we walked and walked and he had the perfect hair colour it was sort of beige brown anyway it turned out he was walking to a bus stop so obviously i had to catch the bus because true love and silently we rode out to papakura and into the sunset

25. my meth lab caught fire

26. my bed is more comfortable than your school will ever be

27. i was sad

28. it was a nice day, so i walked leisurely

29. i had beat my younger brother for saying “swag”

30. i had to travel back to the 1950’s to ensure my birth

31. 2 kool 4 scool

32. i had to stop, collaborate and listen

33. i tried

34. i’m sorry i’m late

      it’s not my fault

      my auntie was killed

      and i joined a cult

35. a haiku about lateness:

late late late late late

late late late late late late late

 late late late late late

36. my best friend was telling me how to give a satisfactory blow job i wish i was joking

37. i was fashionably late

38. i was caught in a flash mob true story omfg

39. i did not choose the late life, the late life chose me

40. do

41. you

42. even

43. read

44. these

45. i was fighting al qaeda

46. traffic



You have the right to be an idiot and people have the right to call you an idiot


You have the right to be an idiot and people have the right to call you an idiot

Reblog if you believe gender fluidity exists


I got into an argument today after school between some people who were completely for transgender folk and support homosexuality to a full extent, but were completely throwing aside gender fluid people, and claiming they cannot exist.
I want to prove them wrong.